Digital Signage

AdServe is a full-featured digital signage solution

Our Australia-wide network of resellers can help you install it yourself or provide a complete turnkey solution.

The entire cost was $500!

Everything you need to run and manage a digital signage screen is included. The equipment comes pre-configured with your business’s WiFi key. There’s nothing else for you to do beyond plug the device into your monitor.

Accessible design is included!

On a single screen, an AdServe digital signage machine presents unique content. The system comprises a single small but powerful mini-computer that uses only 2 watts of electricity.
We can also include extensive setup and customization, fine-tuning templates to deliver your information in an easy-to-read and practical manner from each device when ordering several units. Even if you only call one device, we’ll still give you all the assistance you need to get started.
Note that we do not handle screen installation, but we do have resellers who can assist you. Using existing electrical contractors to place screens and plugins AdServe devices is sufficient for many organizations.
You can display dynamic data in advertisements—data from the web or a backend text source. Local data is cached.

Dynamic Digital Signage

Automatically updated!

You should display any data with an internal or external web view.
Tables of sports, financial data, and POS system data Because all data are cached, internet interruptions do not affect it.

Easily create slideshows

With just a few clicks!
Import all of your regular promotions at once, define start/end dates, and have them switch over automatically.

To import photographs, go here. Set the timer. Click the “Upload” button. You can choose multiple photos. After the images have finished uploading, click Finished. Set a start/end date if desired. It’s as simple as that!

Rotating Images

Easily add rotating product pictures
Upload your own or choose from a gallery of everyday goods.


Advanced Scheduling

It would be best if you played only breakfast things in the mornings. You can plan menus around any or all of the following factors; specific calendar days, as well as the hour of the day, day of the week, start date/finish date, and individual calendar days.

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