Franchise and Corporate

Control your Entire Network

Set up hundreds of displays/locations to play the same material or split a player off to play different content at any time.
Adding and remapping players is a breeze!

For freshly purchased players, we preconfigure with wifi key, add to your control panel, ship to location, and manage end-user installation for FREE.

FREE design is included!

We set your templates up, customise the layout,
insert your items and then fine tune it over the phone as part of the included 1to1 training session.
All that is left for you to do, is enjoy the convenience of having a digital screen that can be changed at ANY time!

Advance Replacement Warranty

We ship as soon as you have trouble!

Our systems are are ultra reliable consuming 1 Watt of power and containing no moving parts but we understand that the display of menu items is always mission critical.

One year of advance replacement warranty is included. In the event of failure there is no need to return the unit before a replacement is issued. We express ship you a new unit and you may return the faulty device to our Sydney warehouse within 14 days.

Purchase Now

DHL delivery to your door!
Guaranteed Replacement in Advance!
30-day money-back guarantee!
Ordering is safe!